We love weddings! We feel they are an adventure to be experienced and captured in the form of timeless memories! WeddingNama was born out of passion to document love stories by Ankita Asthana and Akash Agarwal, a couple themselves! WeddingNama is known for capturing REAL authentic moments in the most natural manner! The team’s passion and undying enthusiasm has helped WeddingNama carve a niche in the Indian wedding Industry. Our company specializes in both wedding photography and filming with an artistic & personal touch. With our in-house dynamic team of skilled photographers, cinematographers and editors, we strike a perfect balance between stunning contemporary portraiture and photojournalistic storytelling.

We have a detail oriented approach and since we limit the number of weddings we take up, we are able to give enough time to each wedding for post-production. The team shoots in a manner that is unobtrusive and encapsulates moments, details, emotions (that you might have not witnessed in the general chaos) beautifully! Our talented editors then combine these visuals with voice-overs (if any) with the perfect background music to weave your story!

We bring out the character and essence of the celebrations and ceremonies in all its glory, tailoring our techniques to highlight the couple’s personalities and chemistry. Something that speaks volumes about you. Something that is all you! There is a great deal of customization that goes with attention to every minute detail, right from the way the photographs are processed to the selection of soundtracks that strike the right chords to the film edit that amplifies the narrative of the story. A story that will make your hearts fuller. One you can watch over and over again to reminisce about these very moments. We put our heart into collecting your special moments and preserving them for years to come, a return ticket to your memories! We strongly believe that every story is unique and it needs to be captured differently.

Our Founders


Co-founder, WeddingNama

Ankita has completed her post graduation in photography from the reputed National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. Part of her training as a photographer was conducted in the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham in the United Kingdom. Since childhood, she loves listening to stories and writing stories on her own. She lives in fantasyland and feels that every couple has a magical story waiting to be translated. She has a strong sense of composition and loves to create visual stories. She is a perfectionist and very innovative with her ideas. She has a kind of sixth sense and can feel when a beautiful moment is about to happen and turns the camera that way just in time! (Ankita's Website)

In Akash’s words…

Ankita is my life partner and business partner. She is the most understanding, fun loving, creative and hard working person I have ever met. We have grown together and learned so much from each other. No matter how busy we are we never miss out on our coffee breaks and our cooking sessions. We love to read together while enjoying the rains. Even though we have been together for so long, there has never been a dull moment in our life. We love to tease each other and come up with random travel plans.

She is an extremely talented photographer and with an eye for details. When she is at a shoot, she hardly misses a moment, and is always guiding and teaching others in the team. She is the backbone of WeddingNama and an inspiration for so many budding photographers.


Co-founder, WeddingNama

Akash has done his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from one of the best institutes in India, XLRI Jamshedpur. After working in the finance sector for three years, he quit his job to take WeddingNama to the next level. He loves learning about latest gadgets, equipment and techniques. He is the team’s go-to guy for knowledge on latest equipment. He has a very creative eye and a knack for finding the perfect moment. He is a brilliant sketching artist and sees beauty in details.

In Ankita’s words…

Akash is my support system, confidante, partner-in-crime! He has been there for me during my most difficult times. The struggle of making a mark in the photography industry is real and we have sailed through the best and the worst times together. Had I not met Akash, I would be a different person today. We have sort of grown up together and influenced each other's thoughts and actions. He is witty, intelligent, artistic, emotional and a really good friend. Being really good with people, he handles all our clientele.

He has a major talent in learning new things and mastering them in a short span of time. He comes from a completely different background yet he has made such a mark in the photography & filming industry. He is currently the production head at WeddingNama and I can trust him to translate our vision perfectly.

Our Team

Superman had kryptonite. She has her camera! She nourishes, she manages, she exhibits. It’s kind of a cool gig, the way she does what she does. We trust her instincts implicitly! Our creativity thrives on it. Ankita is never afraid of experimenting, innovating and is always game to try new things. She is a go-getter, always inspiring people to chase their dreams. Our in-house creative champion, mentor, full of ideas, fast with solutions and ever ready to learn and grow. Witty, funny and life of every party!


He’s the multi-hyphenate of WeddingNama, the jack-of-all-trades and master of all talents. He always has an anything-is-possible mindset. He sells, markets, directs, shoots and well, whatever else he is needed to be involved in. He is the backbone of  WeddingNama and our star cinematographer, his shots are loved and remembered by all! Music is his forte and his choice of songs fill our films with life and happiness. He sees beauty in details and his style reflects that. Oh and did you know he is an amazing chef and a sketching artist as well!

Dharmil Doshi

Talented. Dedicated. Gujju Boy. A photographer known for his perfect framing and straight lines. He’s the PRIMA DONNA of the office. The crock of all knowledge. We can’t get by without him. He is like the ‘Ask Him Anything’. Oh, and he can give girls a run for their hair, with his lovely locks!

He is a ninja. Did you see him do that? No? Exactly. This passionate pod studies his subjects and tries to visualise the photograph he wants. So, don’t get freaked out if you find him looking through you, into infinity.

Megha Satam

Passionate. Hardworking. Creative. Video editing can be tricky. But this one tricks the videos in looking magical, and how! Tirelessly sitting in front of the biggest screen, she’s mostly busy weaving your beautiful stories together. At other times, she’s the KOREAN PUNDIT following Korean artists and theatricals, and someday wishes to be one amongst them. WATCH OUT for her.

She is always willing to take the creative challenge that pushes her imagination to create a compelling story.

Abhinandan Gandhe (AB)

Adventurous. Traveller. Imaginative.
He is always on a quest to better understand the world. This one is a rare breed. A true people’s person, he can brighten up anyone’s day. He is one of those spontaneous risk-takers. Harness this nature by making a travel plan and he will always be up to tag along. As long as you get the beers!

With exceptional people skills can make friends with anyone and with exceptional cinematography skills he can document their lives in the most creative way.

Saurabh Das

Honest. Logician. His antics fill a void in our 9 to 5 jobs. He is always hoarding the Air Conditioner remote, cause this chiller likes it chilly. An abstract thinker he loves exploring ideas and theories. He is always up for an intellectually stimulating conversation.

His character is built by honesty in all things. He always has an amazing perspective to his photographs, and to life!

Smita Rao

Chirpy. Active. Bubbly. Always high on life, she beautifies your pictures with highlights just like everything at office. This powerhouse, has vampire like adaptability to darkness. She speaks at the speed of 2224 words a second.

She enhances your photo in the most beautiful way. Resize, sharpen, rotate. She does everything it takes 🙂

Priti Bhosale

Diligent. Optimist. Kind. Her emotional nature actually lends to her editing capabilities. She is always weaving the finest moments together. Online shopping is reason enough for her to live another couple of business days. Also, she also really loves idlis. Her favourite word: bhooooolaa 🙂

She is less of a window shopper, but she opens windows to her imagination giving you the wedding film of your dreams.

Kalpak Dalal

Competent. Creative. Friendly. A combination of confidence and charisma, he is always exploring new ideas. He has a zest for life. After all, a little party never killed nobody.

He will plunge headfirst into anything cutting-edge – experiences, ideas, technology, and most importantly – cinematography!

Atul Salunkhe

Enthusiastic. Ambitious. Motivated. He has a knack for tackling immediate, hands-on tasks with surprising enthusiasm. High work ethics and emotional stability defines him.

He always goes the extra mile, all with a smile. He never shys away from complicated heavy-duty tasks.

Syam Nayak

Introvert. Photoshop King. He is so focused on his work that he hardly ever looks up from his screen all day. The only time he says something is when he talks about his crazy experiences in the wedding industry.

He can spot a minute flaw hidden to the naked eye so that every photo is 100% perfect!

HIRALAL (Chhotu)

Trustworthy. Smiley. Hiralal aka Chotu is the office’s attaboy. Trustworthy is a component of his character. He is WeddingNama’s very own office boy who serves the kadak adrak chai with a dash of smile. He keeps the office tidy with a tidy mind. He dusts. He picks He is the de clutter to our clutter.

Jharana Varshney

Energetic. Movie Buff. Out Spoken. Just like her name, she flows into multiple tasks with ease. Apart from managing the clients and their special requests, she keeps the office lively with her lame jokes and weird comebacks. She will become your best friend if you love Hindi Films!

She is just a phone call away to help solve every minute problem that you may have – all with a sweet smile on her face

Tahir Ratlamwala

Cool. Calm. Collected. He is the guy you should go to if you want to relieve stress. His cool-dude attitude makes the most complicated edits look like a piece-of-cake. He can be seen troubling everyone in the office when he is not tiring himself in front of his computer.

His love for weddings and film making motivates him to depict your story in the most beautiful way.


Multi-talented. Observant. Passionate. Always enthusiastic to try and explore new things. She loves to sketch and has good design sense. A bubbly photographer who will definitely get a smile on your face. Silently observes and captures the unseen moments. Ever ready to lend a helping hand.


Committed. Hardworking. Adventurous.
Wears the cap when it comes shooting and editing films. Has great taste in Music. Adds a lot of REAL emotions in your films.

Our Story