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Thailand over the years has played host to many Indian weddings (deservedly so!), but last November, Nandita & Prabhav’s startlingly elegant play on the beach wedding added an extra dose of charming sophistication. Now, Thailand with its warm hospitality and scrumptious food holds a very special place in our hearts. Immortalized in many Bollywood films, the Thai paradise is on every couples’ wedding destination wish list. With the glistening sea in the backdrop, it has always been a photographer’s delight and our perfect excuse to squeeze some extra location shots to explore the full potential of its beauty. Khao Lak, the wedding location was an hour away from Phuket airport. Now once upon a time (up until November. Its machine age now!) we could only get there via Bangkok. The layover and additional hours of wait were tiresome. But thanks to the newly introduced direct flight from Mumbai to Phuket it was super convenient. PRO TIP 1: Whenever you visit Phuket there is no missing the chicken steak burger at their 7/11 store. Team WN recommends! (Than you MM for introducing us to it).

Coming to the wedding. No big historical backstory here, just a series of perfect dreamlike moments. The two-day celebrations were unveiled with a welcome dinner followed by a vibrant mehendi. The décor with deep yellow coloured flowers looked particularly spectacular against the sea. The rain dance during haldi was a sell-out success. Then arrived the big day and the rain gods decided to make an appearance. It was supposed to be an outdoor event and the beach set up was jeopardized. Now, we believe in the power of positive thoughts and energy. What you think you become, and what you feel you attract. We really wanted the wedding to happen outdoors, on the beach, and our prayers did not go unanswered. The clouds cleared out and they tied the knot in the same setup as planned. The red floral décor for the mandap instantly elevated the ambience a notch up!

The reception was a glitzy affair.

We screened this live edited trailer at the reception which was received with an applause and we couldn’t be happier. The signboard placed there summarizes the wedding for us – No sides, only good vibes! As a friend of Nandita & Prabhav rightly put at the wedding- “There is an indescribable, ineffable look, that a person has in their eye when they see someone they deeply care for. They have an extra spring in their step, there is an extra depth to their smile, there is a buzz about them that can only be described with one word – LOVE!” And that describes Nandita & Prabhav for us. The two met a few continents away, in the US. And guess what? It turns out they live in the same building back home. To our surprise they never met in Mumbai, but then again, their love story deserved a more dramatic start for fantasy to become reality!

We are certain you’ve already seen this vibrant wedding on our Instagram feed. Scroll through the feed below to find more such quintessential moments.

Photography & Filming by WeddingNama

Creative Head: Ankita Asthana

Production Head: Akash Agarwal

Planners: Élan Events By Nipunika

Location: JW Marriott Khao Lak, Thailand