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#SunSandShaadi – The most epic wedding we have shot till date!

Dipti & Rikin got married in Cancun, Mexico and they flew us from the other side of the globe to capture their love story! The minute we met them, we felt an amazing connection. They are super fun people, enthusiastic & full of energy. We laughed with them, traveled all around Mexico, shooting at the Mayan Ruins of Chichen Itza, at the Cenote Azul where they took the leap of faith. With Rikin driving us around himself and Dipti telling him not to drive so fast, five days spent with them just flew by really quickly. Hoping to give you a part of that experience with this trailer! Oh and their photographs are out as well!

Photography & Filming by WeddingNama

Shot by : AA AB, Amit

Photographers: AA, Dharmil

Creative Head: Ankita Asthana

Production Head: Akash Agarwal

Venue: Grand Oasis, Cancun, Mexico

Music: ‘No time to lose – Vows’ licensed by Musicbed

From Rikin: “When Dipti and I were planning our destination wedding in Cancun, one thing both of us decided was not to negotiate on photographers. We searched for the best of the best everywhere (USA, MEX) but to our disappointment didn’t find anything that excited us. I don’t know how, where and why we randomly ran into Weddingnama website and honest to god our jaws dropped as we salivated all over their work. We had absolutely no hopes that Ankita and Akash in a million years would pick to cover our wedding but they did. I can’t explain you how excited we were for the NAMA team to be at our wedding, all Dipti and I talked about was the photographers, not the decor, the food, or our outfits. All the guest looked at them as celebrities as they brought in all the fancy equipment’s and why not. They were so flexible, covered many many events along with numerous couple shoots that Dipti forced them to. Such professionals with their insane work ethic combined, it would be an honor to work with them again. Cheers guys for making our wedding perfect. Thank you for everything you guys have done for us!!!!! Dipti and I will be your fans forever! : )”

From Dipti: “WeddingNama. Ankita, Akash, AB, Amit and Dharmil were truly rock stars! When we started planning our wedding, Rikin and I both agreed that photographers were something that we would not compromise on. We searched long and hard, looked all over the USA, Canada, Mexico but were pretty disappointed with the same-old work everywhere. I came accross WeddingNama’s work on instagram and was hooked. We were so excited by their vibrant and colorful pictures and unique style of photography. Their videos truly told each couple’s special love story. We were even more thrilled when they picked us! They were the hardest working, talented and professional team we worked with. They were incredibly flexible and shot all our events and countless couples shoots in the scorching Mexican heat for five straight days, always with a smile. We gave them full creative freedom and boy, did they deliver! Thanks to them, we have our memories beautifully captured to cherish for a lifetime.”

Rikin and I went to medical school together and met in anatomy lab, literally over a dead body. For Rikin, it was love at first sight (can you blame him?). For me, it took a year of cooing and wooing, wining and dining, but eventually couldn’t resist his charm, sense of humor, and ambitious attitude. We are poles apart. Rikin is a true New Yorker, always on a mission and I am a laid back Californian. I am totally messy while Rikin, a neat freak. Rikin is a total Gujju when it comes to spending and I have always been a pampered princess without a credit limit. We could go on about out differences but it’s these imperfections that make us fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. Two years into our relationship, I decide to go to London for a surgery externship. A week after I left, Rikin missed me so much that he switched around his rotations and followed me to London within two days. We spent three months finding every excuse to ditch work and galavant around Western Europe together and falling deeper in love. There was no looking back after that.

Rikin proposed on January 1st, 2016 under the famous Rockefeller Christmas Tree in New York. The proposal was quite an elaborate affair that Rikin had planned out perfectly, behind my back. He flew down my family from California to New York and invited our friends and family to be a part of this special moment. He got down on one knee and said some really cheesy Bollywood dialogues that I wouldn’t dare repeat. He gave me the most gorgeous rock and then I ugly cried. It was perfect. After the proposal he had planned a dinner party. We popped champagne and celebrated with a few near and dear ones all night.

Wedding Coordinators: Oweddings. We may have planned our own wedding but we definitely needed all the help to execute our ideas. Leticia, Israel, Paloma and the whole the Owedding team from Grand Oasis were incredible. They dealt with us patiently (mostly me being bridezilla) for a year and a half, turned our every demand into reality and made sure everything went smoothly during wedding week. Décor: Latin Asia Destination Indian Weddings. We worked very closely with Saku to turn our dream wedding into more than just a fantasy. They made all our events look even better than Pinterest! The mandap and reception looked like a dream. Caterer: Taste of India Cancun. None of our guests expected to eat Indian food in Mexico but were definitely wowed by their finger licking food that took us back to India. DJ: DJ Omar. He definitely rocked the house and kept us dancing all night! Hair and Makeup: Styling Trio Riviera Maya. Thanks to them, Rikin and I looked and felt like a prince and princess the whole weekend. Mehndi: Mehndi by Veronica de la Paz. Veronica is so artistic and patient! She created the most perfect bridal henna! Photography & Filming: Of course, WeddingNama

Our wedding was straight out of a dream! Right after rikin and I danced down the aisle as we entered the reception, my dad came up to us, gave us a hug and said “Look at what you have created, it’s incredible”. I couldn’t help hold back my tears. Seeing how beautiful the reception looked and how our years worth of hard work had culminated to this one, perfect night, was the highlight of the whole weekend.