Wild & Free

Well. Well. Well…To start with, we bonded with this couple over ‘Popcorn’, while sitting in the screening theatre at the WN headquarters, when they first came to meet with us. Akash offered them popcorn as they entertained themselves to a full movie-watching experience. They savoured it so much, they took the idea to a whole new level by serving it to their guests during the sangeet.

We instantly hit it off with them! This was the start of our relationship with Komal & Harsh – the couple you might remember as the one with the widest, loveliest smiles on our Instagram feed. What followed is a classy wedding in Bahrain, Komal’s hometown while Harsh and his family are stationed in Dubai. We can’t thank both the families enough for their warmth and hospitality. Extra points for their punctuality. The fact that they respected our time, and the time of everyone present for the celebrations is commendable. This helped them pack in a family shoot where they posed for portraits like one big happy family, and it was wonderful to see how the two families got together to celebrate the couple in the true spirit of love! #WNTip: Make time for family portraits on one of the days. Plan these with your photographer beforehand. Backgrounds play a very important role in enhancing portrait photography, so they can scout for one away from the hustle and bustle of the main event venue. You don’t want any distractions to take away from that perfect family portrait. You can choose to include your immediate family or your extended family in this session as well. Just let your photographer know the number of people and they can look for a location accordingly. We started with a couple shoot in the old city of Bahrain, spanning over Muharraq old houses, Bahrain National theatre and Jumeirah Royal Saray. Not to forget the hospitality shown by the Bahrain tourism Board, who were just as enthusiastic about being able to witness an Indian wedding (one of the very few that happened in Bahrain). With the turquoise Arabian Gulf in the backdrop of Sofitel, amid palms and pristine beaches, we managed to get some really stunning shots. The chilly weather and early twilights (yes, the sun would set as early as 5 pm on most days) did not keep the team from doing all things touristy. We strolled about the old and new city of Bahrain, in sheer awe of the magnificence of a kingdom lying between two gentle, glistening seas. This trailer was live-edited and screened both in Bahrain on their wedding day and Dubai for their reception. After watching a couple of our past films, they decided to keep it real and spontaneous and not put bytes in the film. We say, with such a quintessential wedding this trailer did not need any more elements!

The nuptials were kicked off with an intimate dinner that night. A great deal of importance was held to the pujas the respective families had in adjacent venues, which filled the place with happy vibes and positive energy. Then came the Circus themed sangeet that started with close friends and family shaking a leg with staged performances, and ended with everyone hitting the dance floor adding some razzmatazz to the festivities. What a fabulous time! The much in love bride had a twinkle in her eyes at all times, while the groom had an inevitably wide smile, as they got hitched in a traditional Sindhi wedding ceremony. The exuberance with which Komal walked towards the mandap waving at Harsh, the expressions on Harsh’s face while she was inching closer to him, and all the tongue-in-cheek shenanigans of the family members – we absolutely loved the burst of so many emotions at once! The celebrations were rounded up with a cozy reception, a happy ending to the start of their happily ever after.

In case you haven’t caught the snippets of the wedding on our Instagram, here’s a full download of all the action during the 3 days affair.

Photography & Filming by WeddingNama

Creative Head: Ankita Asthana

Production Head: Akash Agarwal

MUA: Ojas Rajani

Planners: Weddings by Vivaah

Location: Sofitel, Bahrain

Special thanks to Bahrain Tourism.