The mother of all Check-lists! – For the Grooms-to-be!

May 11, 2019


By wn_admin

So you popped the magical question and she even said, ‘Yes!’, now, don’t fool yourself into believing that your work is over. It’s actually far from over! Gone are the days, when Grooms just had to put on a suit and show up, today the Groom is supposed to look just as good as the bride, and that, our friend takes a lot of hard work. Lest you should find yourself lost, we have complied for you, the mother of all check lists that will ensure, that you show up to your wedding looking all dapper, dashing and confident!

Get the wolves pad ready

Yep, you are going to need this space, to chill out with your boys, as you get ready and dressed for the wedding. This is the space where you can let your hair down, maybe even open a bottle of Champaign, as you enjoy yourself with your friends around. The idea is to capture some of the candid moments of you as a bachelor, with your friends, right before your wedding. These are the pictures, you will cherish for a long, long, time!

Nothing candid about ‘Candid’

Believe it or not ‘Candid’ is a myth, you need meticulous planning to get the perfect candid shots. Ensure that you tell your photographer the style you like, right from the beginning. For instance, if you want some natural shots mention that, if you want fun/quirky shots or stylish/formal shots, specify that. Your photographer, needs to be communicated to, what exactly it is, that you are expecting. So set your expectations right!

No last minute fuss!

A Few days before the wedding, lock on the look, you are going to be sporting at the wedding. Is it the little stubble you want to go with, or you would like to keep it neat with the clean-shaven look? Take the liberty of doing this trial and error atleast 15 days before the wedding, and go with the look that suits you the best!

Be Handsome 

No we are not suggesting that you are not handsome, we’re just saying that a little effort into looking nice goes a long way. So even if you are naturally dashing, a tad bit grooming would enhance your good looks even more. Start with the skin care, see if you have any blackheads, pimples etc. Men have a relatively thicker skin, which is why it’s also prone to absorbing more dust and bacteria. Remember to get a nice exfoliation, and massage done before the wedding. The will give you the necessary glow, for the D-day.

Tame them brows!

If you thought getting the eyebrows done, was just reserved for women, think again, you could not be more wrong! You need to look just as good, as your to-be-wife, and this is going to take some serious effort. If you happen to have a unibrow situation or have unshapely brows, get them plucked and get them done in the desired shape. Believe it or not, this little effort will take you a long way.

Wedding Attire

This one can be a bit tricky because you cannot master this alone. Take help from your sweetheart, and plan this out with her. Sync your outfits, so you look all coordinated on the day of the wedding as well as on the other functions. Also, it will help if you would try, two three different styles at each function instead of going for the same-ole-same-ole, classic tuxedo look. Take a call whether you’d go for a traditional Indian look or something more contemporary. Also, don’t be shy of trying something new accessorizing. Try bow ties/suspenders/interesting brooches/cuff links/cravats/waist coats/ pocket squares / boutonniere / tie clips – as they say, ‘the devil lies in the details’!

Keep your Speech handy

At some point or the other, they are going to hand over the mic to you for an impromptu 

speech. At this point, do not forget to thank important family members before you begin, especially the parents, yours’s and her’s. Try to lighten up the mood with your bit, keep a joke or two handy, to solidify the impression. Speak directly to your bride and tell her how much you love her, this will earn you enough brownie points for a long, long, time!  

Snaps in the Wedding Ensemble 

Take the time out for your photographs in your wedding attire. It’s possible you might not get to meet your bride before the ceremony, in this case plan this, for just after the ceremony. If the wedding is late at night, plan the couple shoot in wedding attire for another day. Best time to take these photographs is sunset. So don’t forget to plan for this, these are the photographs you will end framing for your walls! 

Let loose!

It’s quite easy to get bogged down and stressed in the hush-hush of the wedding, ensure that you do not fall prey to this, because that would defeat the whole purpose, right? So go crazy, have a lot of fun at your wedding, after all it’s the most special day of your life! Even if you are not a dancer, take the opportunity to dance with each and every person who has taken out time to be with you on your special day, delegate your work and just focus on enjoying!

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