Viren & Manisha

April 30, 2019


By wn_admin

It must have been fated. We came across many photographers but Ankita’s personal touch really helped us making our decision. It was definitely worth it, we were so excited with the final outcome and we feel the most important moments were captured. Ankita and Akash were with us for our pre wedding shoot which was a great way for them to get to know us before the wedding events commenced and this helped us to be comfortable around them and comfortable with having a camera following us at all times. By the time it came to our events it was as if they were not even there, it was great and that is why we have a good collection of candid photographs. The team were very friendly and it was easy to smile and pose 😀 I would certainly recommend a pre wedding shoot, we have such wonderful photos in a fabulous location which we wouldn’t have got during the wedding. There is so much going on sometimes its difficult to get pictures as a couple but more importantly there is less stress for both of us at the pre wedding shoot so we can relax and take our time and we can take the same shot over and over again to get the perfect shot. As a bride, my experience with Ankita and the team was wonderful. Ankita knew exactly what was going through my mind at each step of my journey. I am sure with her experience she understands the emotions a girl goes through before her wedding. I remember the day of my wedding Ankita kept calming my nerves she could see I was going through all these mixed emotions so for me it helped having Ankita around.

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