Veda Dhaul

April 30, 2019


By wn_admin

We saw some photos and videos online. I did stumble upon a video you had made of a friends wedding while browsing your work, and I liked what I saw. I do not think that the way you captured my wedding, could have been done any better. The video is absolutely spot on! I think that you capture the essence of the moment in the best way possible. It was an absolute pleasure being captured by you as unlike those annoying photographers you moved to capture the image as opposed to a photographer trying to gather everyone and spoiling the moment. Your editing skills are absolutely amazing, and the choice of music is what sets everything apart! Being candid is the way forward! This is just the beginning — happy weddings to the both of you as I am sure that you are going to make some unforgettable memories possible for a lot of vows of love to be exchanged in the future!

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