You guide to becoming the best Bridesmaid ever!

April 29, 2021


By wn_admin

Text by: Isha Gupta

Anyone who has ever watched the movie ‘Bridesmaids’ or ‘Made of Honor’, knows that, being a bridesmaid to your best friend or your sister, is no easy task! It takes a lot of energy, time and nerves of steel, to do the entire run-of-the-mill, bridesmaids task and still look fabulous. However, you do not have to worry about it, because team WeddingNama has it all sorted for you!

As a Bridesmaid, you will obviously be, the in-charge for many chores, from keeping the bride calm, and keeping her diverted from the ‘commitment- for- life’ phobia, topic, to running after the tailor to do the fittings in time, you’ll have to go through a lot yourself to be the best bridesmaid ever! Good news is, with enough preparation in advance, you can totally ace this! Here is how you can do it,

Keep your Phone Memo handy!

Be it the makeup artist, or the mehendiwala, you need to have everyone’s number on your speed dial on the phone. You never know when you might have to deal with a fiasco, so save a backup of all these numbers in the memo on your phone. Besides, this database of contacts would come in handy at your wedding! Imagine the kind of effort it will save you!

Trousseau Shopping

One of your most important duties would be, helping the bride with her trousseau. Ensure that you monitor latest wedding fashion trends and keep the bride posted at all times. For instance, you could attend the wedding shows and get an idea about the wedding fashion -related styles that are in vogue. If you are preparing for your friend’s wedding sometime in March/April’17, we’d suggest you take a look at JJ Vallaya’s S/S’17 collection, that he just showcased at the recently concluded, Amazon Fashion Week in Delhi. The bride would definitely fall in love with the collection!

Make-up artist

Yes! One of the many important people, this person will decide how the bride looks on her D-day. So ensure that you refer to their portfolio, check the kind of makeup the bride wants and do the negotiations on the charges accordingly. For instance, she might like to go with the latest Airbrush make-up over the regular one. So do a thorough research and make your bookings wisely.

Photographer & Filmmaker

This is perhaps the most important part, which requires intelligent decision-making. Instead of just relying on few selected photographs and trailers that are available online, look through the portfolio from a single wedding. Ensure that you look at all the photographs given, as well as look at the long films. This will give you deeper insights into the photographer’s work and their style of working. Those days are well past behind us, where the bride and the groom used to hire different team of photographers. It is 2016! Take a call on the photographer and then go for a single team that would cover both photo & video. Make it a point that the bride and groom go for a private meeting with the photographers and develop an understanding with them. Also, do not miss the client testimonials! They can give you a true picture and help you with the decision-making.

Last but not the least; do not forget about yourself in the great haste. Make sure you have planned, your own attires and the combination of make-up etc. just as well. Remember, you are going to be just as much in the lime light as the bride is, as you will have to stick by her side all the time! So sleep well, eat well and look your best on the most important day of your best friend’s life!

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