On Your Side

A young couple who wanted to get married soon to spend more & more time together! 

An adorable couple who had tons of fun at their wedding. They got married early so that they could enjoy all life experiences together! Wanting to always stay on each other's side through thick and thin. When we were speaking to them individually, they both said the exact same thing! 

In Ankita's words: While I was shooting a couple in Juhu, the makeup artist of my bride walks up to me and says, 'Hi I am Saher, I met Akash yesterday at your place and you guys will be covering my wedding in December!'  She spoke so fast that it took me time to understand what she said and I ended up meeting two of my brides on the same day! 

Both Saher & Shovan are really easy to gel with, we had a fantastic time shooting their wedding. The families were really cool and were completely in awe of their love. Two days of festivities started with a super fun mehendi function, Sangeet in the evening and next day started with Pool Party followed by the wedding ceremony.  

Special mention to the moment when Saher's dad walked in and saw her as a bride, time seemed to have stopped and we all literally stopped breathing! 

Photographers: Ankita, Dharmil, Hemal
Cinematographers: Akash Agarwal, AB, Yatin, Prasad 
Edited by: Ankita Asthana
Wedding Planners: The Wedding Designers (Rishi & Yamini - fantastic as always!)
Music: 'On Your Side - The light the heat'
Venue: Ananta, Udaipur
Photography & Filming: WeddingNama