Oh My My, It’s Love!

Akash met Prachi & Dev at Singapore in May last year, while on their way to shoot the Cebu, Philippines wedding. A year-long conversation flourished into one of the most exhilarating weddings we have shot. Now, their initial plan was to get married in Cebu, Philippines. So, while we were shooting the Cebu wedding, they were simultaneously recce’ing venues there, sending us photographs to assess our impression of it. Akash was constantly engaged with them, providing inputs. They ultimately zeroed down on the city of lakes – Udaipur! After a couple of rounds of discussion, they were extremely happy to be going ahead with us. Fast forward a year and here we were shooting this so-very-entertaining and extremely memorable wedding, embodying the two things everyone wants from this town, or Udaipur wants everyone to want from Udaipur: heritage and zeitgeist. 

They knew all of and all about our work and trusted us completely. The live-edited trailer is a visibly evident showcase of how much that is important to get the desired output. Now, we have been to Udaipur way too many times, and shot at these very locations on several occasions, yet this wedding was such a distinguishing and magnificent affair. 

Inside, Prachi was a very calm, cool, confident bride. And that worked in her favour, since she had nothing to worry about and completely let her hair down, cherishing every moment and we loved that about her. Dev’s enthusiasm was extraordinary and we loved his lively spirit for getting the photographs clicked and helping us organize everything on time. He literally made notes on our WhatsApp group and they both ensured their friends meticulously followed the schedule. The bridesmaids and groomsmen, presented for a unified, upbeat force determined to make every shoot fun and exciting, executing all our crazy ideas, even better – improvising on them! All very notoriously disciplined we must say and the entire process was so smooth. 

We had to really pull up our socks to accomplish the ambitious task of shooting the haldi, white wedding, hindu wedding and reception all in the same day, not excluding any of these precious moments from the trailer that was screened at the reception. As always, the team pulled it off and how. It was to screen at Jag Mandir – the same location where the Hindu wedding took place – in the middle of the lake. And all our efforts paid off as it garnered such an overwhelming response. The food was simply amazing and we loved the royal dining experience. The couple really got along with the team. AB & Jay in fact became one amongst the groomsmen. We simply had a blast. We covered a perfect mix of portraiture and directed moments balanced with the quintessential, spontaneous, storytelling moments. 

Personally, we consider this trailer as a creation and archive of a story told in a rather distinctive way. Hooray is all we have to say! 

Photography & Filming by WeddingNama 

Creative Head: Ankita Asthana 

Production Head: Akash Agarwal 

Planners: Percept Events 

Location: Chunda Palace, Trident lawns, Zenana Mahal, and Jag Mandir, Udaipur