One of the few couples whom we didn't get a chance to meet beforehand. When we walked into The Slate, Phuket we were introduced to Jack (Anmol's dad) & Mrs Tolani (Nishaa's mom). They told us that Nisha & Anmol had gone to an NGO and would be joining us soon. We had planned a couple shoot for them that evening. Traveling to Phuket is not easy because you have very limited flight options and even though we arrived a day before the functions were to start, we had to travel all night via Bangkok to reach Phuket the next day. So we were sleep deprived when we met Nishaa & Anmol and started their shoot. We went to the national park of Phuket that was right next to a beach and had these giant trees! We loved the texture of the brown tree trunks and the greens and the sunset golden light falling on them. We forgot about our sleep & started making some beautiful photographs with these two people very much in love! Now since we were shooting in the national park, there was a lot of local public there. However, we had such a good experience with the Thai people, all of them were so understanding and simply moved out of our way. There was a family who was having a picnic in the grass and they made the effort to actually move all of their things so that they were not in our way. We managed to make some extremely wide angle photographs with their co-operation and we are thankful to the locals for that! Also, we witnessed one of the most beautiful sunsets. Phuket is famous for the sunset colors at the beach and it made the tough journey entirely worth it! 
The next three days were quite exciting with a lot of super fun events, starting with a sundowner at black Ginger, where guests had to enter via a very unique boat all the way till the reception, the energy was contagious! Here's the highlight! Their film is also coming up soon! 
Photographers: Ankita, Jay, Hemal
Cinematographers: Akash, Yatin, Varun, Raman 
Wedding Planners: Neha & Team 
Stylist: Manisha Kundnani 
Location: The Slate, Phuket 
Photography & Filming: WeddingNama