We are terrible in front of the camera. Ankita and her team really put us at ease and made us have fun. We were able to be ourselves and the WeddingNama team was able to capture all the real and beautiful moments that we are going to treasure for a lifetime. What we loved about WeddingNama is that you barely knew they were there. They did their thing – capturing memories and moments without getting in the way… This was a huge plus point. The same day edit that was played at our wedding was exceptional everyone was blown away! Ankita and her team put so much hard work in and it really showed. We are so thankful to WeddigNama for capturing our memories in such a beautiful way. We literally relive the wedding every time we watch the video.

- Sara & Shehbaz Ali

Sara & Shehbaz Ali

Reshu & I are so happy to have had your team capture our wedding story. Not only are you guys so passionate about your job, your team is fun, patient and very hard working. We remember during the photo shoot when me and Reshu were walking in the grass and we were talking about the chapel, we sat down to have a glass of water and really contemplated having to mission it across to the other end. You guys were ready on the other side even though it was burning HOT! This was just magical and the scenes were breath taking. I have no words about the same day edit. Honestly we can’t thank you guys enough and we’re ecstatic to see your work. We really miss you guys. Thanks again!

- Krish and Reshu

Krish and Reshu

Ankita and Akash are incredible photographers and cinematographers. They created MAGIC for us in our photos. They’ve captured some amazing and precious moments for us. When we were seeing our photos the other day, we realized that Creating wedding nostalgia and making one feel like they wanted to get married all over again was this duo’s strong point. They had captured my sisters wedding last year and it was so beautifully done that I did zero research in my wedding where photography and cinematography was concerned. When Anand met them and saw their work, he felt the same. Ankita and Akash are really friendly and approachable and the best thing about them is that they make you feel at ease in front of the camera – ideal for capturing perfectly candid moments.

For all our functions they gave us many “oh this is my favorite snap..oh and this one..this one tooo….” moments. The entire team at WeddingNama is extremely hardworking and they were always there, on their feet till we were. We didn’t need to look around for them – they were just always there. Kudos to Team WeddingNama.

- Pooja Parekh

Pooja Parekh

After all the processions and the rituals, the baraat and the pheras, what really stay behind are the memories. And when it comes to capturing your most cherished moments for posterity, no one does it better than Ankita and Akash of WeddingNama. Their photographs are alive with vibrancy and we still don’t know how they captured every minute detail of our wedding with such love and compassion. But the quality that makes WeddingNama stand apart is that both Ankita and Akash are beautiful people, who above everything else, are simply happy to be a part of all the festivities. And a smile behind the camera evokes many in front of it. Without a doubt, one of the best decisions of our pre-married lives was to have Ankita and Akash catalogue our wedding and we couldn’t have been more delighted by their excellent work. The photographs are stellar. We were expecting them to give us amazing pictures but they have managed to surpass our expectations. They have captured each moment with so much love. We are absolutely blown away!

- Shweta & Arjun

Shweta & Arjun

Lastly, we would like to say that this testimonial is written even before Ankita and Akash have shown us our wedding videos and pictures. We have so much faith and trust in these guys that we just did not want to wait anymore to write this testimonial. The WeddingNama team won our hearts during the pre-wedding photoshoot with the level of commitment to get things done and surprising us with a mind blowing pre-wedding video that everyone loved and enjoyed. Thank you Ankita and Akash. Good People Good Hearts!

- Amruta & Rohit

Amruta & Rohit

Planning and managing a wedding is an enormous task with enormous expenses. However, after having two consecutive weddings in my family, I feel that one place where one must NEVER compromise on is wedding photography and cinematography. It stays with you for years to come! When we met Ankita and Akash, we felt an instant rapport with them, which I think, is the key while selecting your wedding photography team. Ankita and Akash are highly creative, forthcoming and passionate about their work. They beautifully captured our best moments. Their edit work is of high quality and their videos are outstanding. Ankita and Akash can get you in the best frame of mind to capture your pictures, and that is supremely important! They will shadow you at all your events, and at the end of it, will know your family and cousins and friends very well too 🙂 Without any doubt, they are one of the best teams in the industry. Kudos WeddingNama!

- Karishma Parekh

Karishma Parekh

I had seen their work on Facebook, and I couldn’t stop myself from seeing every picture again and again. Their work was like a dream. I had decided only they will shoot my wedding. I met them and they are the most amazing people you would meet. Love their work and love everything about them. They captured moments you want to remember all your life. Every time I see the pictures I feel like I want to relive these moments again. I feel like I want to get married again. They are the most amazing photographers I know. They themselves are a couple and love so they understand the essence of love and weddings.

- Sweni Mehta

Sweni Mehta

I got their reference from a friend, saw their work and wedding videos and immediately called Rahul and asked him to check them out. Both of us absolutely loved the way they created memories for a lifetime for each and every couple they worked with.

Working with Ankita, Akash & the entire team of WeddingNama was an absolute pleasure and a really fun experience. The entire team did an amazing job and we would recommend them to everyone. They are a fun group and know how to make a couple relax. My friends and family have watched our wedding video numerous times and every time they do, they call us and tell us how amazing the wedding was. All the credit goes to WeddingNama, for creating such beautiful memories for us.

- Vrinda Kedia

Vrinda Kedia

Thanks once again!! Love you both 🙂

- Harsha Bhagnani

Harsha Bhagnani

You spend months and months planning your wedding, but the actual days go by lightning fast. As the avalanche of emotions and general chaos hits you, as a wedding couple you are never able to pause and take the moment in. This is where Ankita and her team come in. They beautifully captured all of our moments and for that Rohit and I will be forever grateful. Whether it was the excitement we felt as all the guests arrived, or the sadness for those who could not make it, or the exhilaration we felt as we danced the night away, or the actual moment when you realize “OMG, this is it, I am walking towards the Mandap”, they captured it all. Thank you WeddingNama, we are truly indebted. We really enjoyed working with Ankita and her team. They made everyone feel very comfortable and it felt like they were part of the family. They were always professional and I definitely felt like the client came first. I would highly recommend having Ankita and her team to both Indians and non-Indians. If you want to capture the best moments of your life, you need the best team and that’s WeddingNama.

Thank you guys!

- Ankur & Rohit

Ankur & Rohit

Whenever we see our wedding pictures, we say “Look at this picture, it’s ridiculous!!” That’s what WeddingNama is about! Every bit was captured beautifully, couldn’t ask for more.

- Tabassum Behlim

Tabassum Behlim

We saw some photos and videos online. I did stumble upon a video you had made of a friends wedding while browsing your work, and I liked what I saw. I do not think that the way you captured my wedding, could have been done any better. The video is absolutely spot on! I think that you capture the essence of the moment in the best way possible. It was an absolute pleasure being captured by you as unlike those annoying photographers you moved to capture the image as opposed to a photographer trying to gather everyone and spoiling the moment. Your editing skills are absolutely amazing, and the choice of music is what sets everything apart! Being candid is the way forward! This is just the beginning — happy weddings to the both of you as I am sure that you are going to make some unforgettable memories possible for a lot of vows of love to be exchanged in the future!

- Veda Dhaul

Veda Dhaul

It must have been fated. We came across many photographers but Ankita’s personal touch really helped us making our decision. It was definitely worth it, we were so excited with the final outcome and we feel the most important moments were captured. Ankita and Akash were with us for our pre wedding shoot which was a great way for them to get to know us before the wedding events commenced and this helped us to be comfortable around them and comfortable with having a camera following us at all times. By the time it came to our events it was as if they were not even there, it was great and that is why we have a good collection of candid photographs. The team were very friendly and it was easy to smile and pose 😀 I would certainly recommend a pre wedding shoot, we have such wonderful photos in a fabulous location which we wouldn’t have got during the wedding. There is so much going on sometimes its difficult to get pictures as a couple but more importantly there is less stress for both of us at the pre wedding shoot so we can relax and take our time and we can take the same shot over and over again to get the perfect shot. As a bride, my experience with Ankita and the team was wonderful. Ankita knew exactly what was going through my mind at each step of my journey. I am sure with her experience she understands the emotions a girl goes through before her wedding. I remember the day of my wedding Ankita kept calming my nerves she could see I was going through all these mixed emotions so for me it helped having Ankita around.

- Viren & Manisha

Viren & Manisha

I happened to be going through Facebook and came across a wedding video which really caught my eye. It was fun and captured all the beautiful moments of the wedding so decided to contact Ankita to do something similar for my wedding. I had a very good experience and highly recommend people to get this done since it brings back memories every time you want to relive your wedding.

- Shalina Ratanchandani

Shalina Ratanchandani