WeddingNama was born out of a passion to capture love stories artistically. Ankita & Akash met in their undergrad college and have been together ever since. Their common passion for love, for art, for stories, travel, adventure keeps them going. They spend 24 hours of a day with each other, and still crave for more time together. Ankita used to shoot solo earlier under the banner of 'Ankita Asthana Photography'. Slowly the wedding industry evolved and there came a need for a full fledged team to document someone's wedding beautifully. Akash quit his job in the finance sector and together they both started WeddingNama.

 Today, we have a full-time team of very dedicated, hard working photographers, cinematographers and editors. The learning curve at WeddingNama is really high and we are proud to say that we have brought a whole new level of quality, finesse and perfection into the world of weddings. We believe in customising every little detail right from the way the photographs are processed to the kind of music that goes into the film. We believe that no two weddings are the same, so why should the wedding memories be? We do not take up multiple wedding projects and give personal attention to each project both before and after the shoot. We are all a very passionate bunch of people who have similar thoughts and ideologies, all in all, we love working together!

 As a team, we challenge each other. Every time we get a new project or plan a personal project, we love to sit together and brainstorm ideas. Our studio is our sanctuary where we love to listen to music, read, watch films/series, play board games, cook. We love looking at other people's work and keep ourselves updated with the happenings in the international photography scenario. We research new technology, new methods, new locations. We love being trendsetters in the industry and therefore, we consider it our responsibility to keep innovating and ideating. We travel a lot and keep looking for inspiration wherever we go.


Co-founder, WeddingNama

Ankita has completed her post graduation in photography from the reputed National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. Part of her training as a photographer was conducted in the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham in the United Kingdom. Since childhood, she loves listening to stories and writing stories on her own. She lives in fantasyland and feels that every couple has a magical story waiting to be translated. She has a strong sense of composition and loves to create visual stories. She is a perfectionist and very innovative with her ideas. She has a kind of sixth sense and can feel when a beautiful moment is about to happen and turns the camera that way just in time! (Ankita's Website)

In Akash’s words…

Ankita is my life partner and business partner. She is the most understanding, fun loving, creative and hard working person I have ever met. We have grown together and learned so much from each other. No matter how busy we are we never miss out on our coffee breaks and our cooking sessions. We love to read together while enjoying the rains. Even though we have been together for so long, there has never been a dull moment in our life. We love to tease each other and come up with random travel plans.

She is an extremely talented photographer and with an eye for details. When she is at a shoot, she hardly misses a moment, and is always guiding and teaching others in the team. She is the backbone of WeddingNama and an inspiration for so many budding photographers.


Co-founder, WeddingNama

Akash has done his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from one of the best institutes in India, XLRI Jamshedpur. After working in the finance sector for three years, he quit his job to take WeddingNama to the next level. He loves learning about latest gadgets, equipment and techniques. He is the team’s go-to guy for knowledge on latest equipment. He has a very creative eye and a knack for finding the perfect moment. He is a brilliant sketching artist and sees beauty in details.

In Ankita’s words…

Akash is my support system, confidante, partner-in-crime! He has been there for me during my most difficult times. The struggle of making a mark in the photography industry is real and we have sailed through the best and the worst times together. Had I not met Akash, I would be a different person today. We have sort of grown up together and influenced each other's thoughts and actions. He is witty, intelligent, artistic, emotional and a really good friend. Being really good with people, he handles all our clientele.

He has a major talent in learning new things and mastering them in a short span of time. He comes from a completely different background yet he has made such a mark in the photography & filming industry. He is currently the lead cinematographer at WeddingNama and I can trust him to capture every moment beautifully.





Passionate, hardworking, and during the edit, makes your family her own. You will see her tirelessly sitting in front of the biggest screen and creating magic in your films!

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He not only moves the camera, but also has the moves himself! He sees the world in wide angle and single handedly operates our heaviest equipment.

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Mai apni favorite hoon

Speed is her friend; she can weave a story in no time. She might just finish your wedding film even before your wedding!

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Boy Next Door

When he is behind the camera, be ready for some action! On your big day, he is more of a friend than just a photographer.

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Myself DD

A photographer known for his perfect framing and straight lines, oh and snapchat! But give him time to set his hair before he takes the shot ;)

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Ankita & Akash

The ones who started it all!

They have a dream... to leave footprints in the sand of time... and carry on!

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Always right around the corner, best way to get rid of him is smile! P.S. He will always have a bigger smile than you!

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This position is open. Feel free to drop by!



A cinematographer who won't rest until you rest, make sure you give him 'shots' at the after party!

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Keeps the team & the cameras calm. Always up for new tasks!

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Eat. Pray. Edit.

The sun rises and sets at his command. A photo-editor who takes his work very seriously and can see details even between the pixels!

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Latest addition to the WeddingNama family, he multitasks between dancing to the beat and editing on them!

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A video editor who gets emotional herself while editing your films. A cleanliness freak, gets us delicious snacks in the evening!

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I love to photobomb.. And they love it too.


Hey this looks like fun, is there any job vacancy for me?